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Welcome to the ABC5-Lab, a mixed-mode and pandemic-proof education programme from the Hong Kong Blockchain Society that prepares local secondary school students for enriched IT learning experience and competitions in AI, blockchain, and computing — supported by the OGCIO

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What We Do
Our mission is to provide our local students with the most advanced technologies in the world and equip them to be competitive with the best of their peers globally.

We showcase our students on the world stage via international competitions and provide opportunities to our hundreds of academic institutions worldwide.

Programme Overview

ABC5-Lab in Secondary Schools is an extracurricular activity (ECA) programme that cultivates interest for secondary students in ABCD of IT innovation: AI & Machine Learning, Blockchain & Cryptography, Cloud Computing, Data Science.
Practical, in-demand skills
With the wide adoption and fast development of IT technology in our society, the demand for IT talent is ever-increasing. It is therefore of paramount importance that we nurture the interests of young people in IT and innovative thinking with encouraging learning atmospheres and programmes. The learning experience that ABC5-Lab offers is an excellent way to future-proof today’s secondary students for tomorrow's job market.

Practical preparation
Our programmes teach practical skills through project-based learning, which prepares your students for top schools and jobs with recognised certifications. The teaching materials are easy and accessible for secondary-level learners to absorb, and are continuously improved upon.

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Your ABC5-Lab for Your Students

The ABC5-Lab programme is designed for any group of students from Form 3 onwards.
These are the categories from which you can choose from:

AD Basic Training

AI & Machine Learning, Data Science
including Cloud Computing

  • In this programme, students will expand on the practicality of their mathematics knowledge for the data science applications, especially in AI & machine learning.

BC Basic Training

Blockchain, Cryptography,
including Cloud Computing

  • In this programme, students will learn about the fundamental building blocks of blockchain technology and practical enterprise decentralized applications.
Benefits of the ABC5-Lab

Students benefit from learning with world-class pedagogy in local classroom environments

  • Comprehensive

    Topics are consistent with university-level and continuous professional development programmes but tailored for consumption by secondary-level learners

  • Complementary

    Fundamental modules are complementary to the existing mathematics and science curriculum for secondary schools from the Education Bureau

  • Complete

    All programmes teach practical skills with project components and templates that have real-world, useful application


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