The “Competition Preparation Training for ABCD Competitions” — where ABCD stands for AI, Blockchain, Cryptography, Data Science — is a comprehensive complimentary programme for select students participating in the ABC5-Lab, presented by the HKBCS and supported by the OGCIO.

Held over 3 weeks with mentoring on students' projects and case studies, this programme prepares students for a plethora of competitions, notably the Int'l Blockchain Olympiad and Int'l Data Science Olympiad, by improving their existing capstone projects from basic training. This programme includes self-paced classes, live mentoring, on-demand mentoring. The programme coaches students on writing, pitching, posters, and handling Q&A and interactions.


There is a class of competitions that test the expertise of participants that is prevalent across the world in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). This is owed to the inherently complex nature of STEM topics. Yet due to the accessibility to entry-level knowledge, expertise-testing competitions are perfect for secondary school students.


The scope of this programme is to prepare secondary school students for expertise-testing competitions, specifically those in the area of ABCD: AI (focus on machine learning), blockchain (focus on enterprise applications), cryptography, data science, and related STEM subjects. The objective is to simulate a professional environment in which they present their projects.

The prerequisite for this programme is either the «Blockchain Lab with Basic Training for Blockchain» or the «AI & Data Science Lab with Basic Training for Machine Learning» programme — because the outcome and overall theme of those programmes are capstone projects in machine learning or blockchain or both. These projects form the basis for the Competition Preparation Training programme, which helps students improve their project to be globally competitive.

List of Activities & Engagement

The programme is held over 6 or 7 weeks, unaffected by the pandemic:

  • Self-paced classes: recommended completion date before 1 May 2021
  • Twice-a-week mentoring for ABCD projects and case studies (up to 4h)
  • On-demand mentoring for ABCD projects and case studies (up to 12h)
  • Each weekend has optional tutorials to let students ask about anything (Presentation workshops: writing, pitching, posters, press conferences (3-6h)

This programme cumulates to special events at the end of the season:

  • Intra- & inter-school competitions to practice skills (4-18 May 2021)
  • Demo Day expo & All Hong Kong ABCD Competition (22-23 May 2021)

Students may also receive coaching to refine their prototypes using tools on the ABCD Lab, i.e. the Blockchain Lab and the Machine Learning Lab. The intention is that student prototypes can be showcased to the public and even used for the betterment of the school and its alumni community.

Main Objectives with Competition Preparation Training

  • Creativity and innovation
  • Communication skills
  • Presentation abilities
  • Collaboration skills
  • Cross-disciplinary skills

A bad project with a good presentation fails eventually…

A good project with a bad presentation fails immediately!

The learning outcome is to teach and train students to be good presenters across a variety of media commonly used in academic and corporate settings, such as white papers and reports, poster boards and large contiguous displays, and pitch presentations with and without slide decks of various lengths. We also teach students how to handle questions and lead discussions.

This training not only deepens students' understanding and application of AI and blockchain, it also prepares students for our optional competitions Hong Kong Data Science Olympiad” (HKDSOL), and “Hong Kong Blockchain Olympiad” (HKBCOL).

This capstone project may manifest itself in the following forms:

  • Required submission
    • Poster Board
  • Optional submissions
    • White Paper
    • Pitch Decks
    • Pitch Videos
    • Prototypes