Future-proof your students

Learning cutting-edge technologies such as AI and blockchain is essential for today’s secondary students. As we are at the beginning of the 4th industrial revolution or the 2nd part of the digital revolution, both AI and blockchain will reshuffle the socio-economic order across the world.

Getting exposure to these technologies as soon as possible will yield a competitive advantage for the students in the future. With our training, which is tailored for secondary level learners, the students will be kept up to date with relevant and practical skills and know-how.

Learn applicable skills in real-life environments

ABC5-Lab consists of two parts – firstly, there’s an enterprise grade lab, which is offered at a fraction of the price of similar labs. This virtual lab enables the students to create AI or blockchain applications and prototypes, and has a complete development environment, which includes blockchain platforms such as, Algorand, R3 Corda, and Hyperledger Fabric, and two programming languages, Python and Julia.

The second part consists of the accompanying programmes which teach AI and blockchain, from basic to advanced levels. Additional learning materials are also available, which consist of self-paced lessons, and coding exercises.


The learning outcome is to build on existing concepts already covered in the EDB curriculum and build up familiarity with the basic principles of AI and blockchain through:

  • demonstrating understanding by a solution proposal to a challenge of their choice
  • learning how to properly present difficult concepts and how their creations work
  • experiencing challenges that mimic experiences from the real world

By learning in context with a challenge of their choice, students develop deeper ownership and interest in AI and blockchain to better identify and fill gaps in their understanding from an entry-level perspective.
By presenting real-life applications, the students can appreciate what they learn and also gain a career-oriented mindset before their peers.

Main Objectives with Basic Training for Blockchain and/or Machine Learning

  • Enable students to keep abreast of new technologies
  • Broaden students’ exposure to the IT industry and career opportunities
  • Enhance students’ ability to apply the IT knowledge and skills learned
  • Foster students’ innovative abilities
  • Enrich students’ learning experience e.g. competitions, visits, project learning, etc.

Role of school in delivery

  • Actively encouraging student participation in asynchronous and live lessons & events
  • Supervising students to meet internal and external deadlines for competitions
  • Liaising between students and instructors for logistical and pedagogical optimizations

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