Frequently Asked Questions


What is AI?

AI, Artificial Intelligence is the process of a computer using machine learning to mimic human intelligence by using algorithms and historical data. Our programme focuses on machine learning, the study of computer algorithms that improve automatically through experience.


The technology of AI is prevalent today: it’s used in Google's search engines giving you the best search results, to virtual assistants like Siri and Alexa, to detect faces in photo software, and detecting credit card fraud.


As AI is outperforming humans in more and more sectors, they are increasingly replacing many of our jobs. Some examples are more accurate medical diagnosis in healthcare, faster and more accurate credit scoring in banks, and more efficient processing of large information in legal cases.

What is Blockchain?

Most people think about the financial sector and cryptocurrencies when they hear “blockchain”. But the scope of applications with blockchain reaches much farther than that. Blockchain is essentially an unchangeable ledger that is duplicated and distributed across a network of participating computer systems. Each block on the chain contains a certain amount of transactions. The technology is considered to be forgery-proof. As every user manages a copy of the database, it is theoretically impossible to manipulate it unnoticed.


Blockchain can therefore be applied to many different areas and businesses, where shared truth and provenance are crucial. A few non-financial examples are aerospace service record keeping, real estate transactions, and health care data sharing.


The ledger system of blockchain technology has the potential to eliminate large amounts of data, save money, and streamline supply chains, while maintaining trust and reliability.

What is Data Science?

Data science is an interdisciplinary field that uses scientific methods, processes, algorithms and systems to extract knowledge and insights from many structural and unstructured data. Data science is related to data mining, machine learning and big data.


With faster computing and cheaper storage, data science is reshaping many of today’s industries. For example, data science applications in the development of new drugs are very helpful since it shortens the processes, which saves both time and money. Another example is the transport sector, where the application of data science makes self-driving cars possible, better logistical routes for delivery and better allocation of resources by optimizing variables.


Data science is a fusion of methods and concepts from information science, statistics, mathematics, and computer science. It is a crucial feature that helps companies make quicker and better decisions, as well as resolving complex issues based on facts, statistical numbers and trends.


Can I participate with limited comprehension of English?

Of course, our teaching is in both English and Chinese.

How do you ensure the quality of instruction?

Our teaching materials are designed by industry experts and hosted by experienced instructors. We organise tutorial sessions for students to ask questions until they are satisfied.

Do the students need any prerequisites prior to learning this programme?

No, the programme is extensive and teaches all the levels from foundation to advanced training.

What is the project component mentioned?

The purpose of the project is to let the students showcase their accumulated knowledge of AI, blockchain and data science, by selecting a problem or challenge, and applying the technology in an appropriate manner.
This capstone project will be an important experience that will test and utilize the students’ newly acquired knowledge and agility.

What is the purpose of ABC5-Lab?

Our first objective is exposure. We want the students to gain awareness about AI, blockchain, data science, how they work, and how they are implemented in society. We ultimately want the students to take the skills and knowledge they’ve learned and apply them to real-world situations, helping to improve society.

How can these courses fit into the students’ busy schedules?

We will look at your schedule and decide together the best-tailored solution for your school.

How many hours are the courses?

We have 6 or 9-hour courses. The Lab also offers shorter lessons that can be custom tailored.

How long is the basic training session?

Depending on the type of training, the sessions range from 1 to 3 hours.

How many basic training sessions are there per week?
  • Ideation sessions on Mondays and Thursdays from January to April.
  • Mentoring and writing workshop on the first Friday of each month, from January to March.
  • Pitching & interview workshop on June 5 & 12
How will the training be carried out if the pandemic situation persists?

All our training will be held online on Zoom as long as the situation requires it.

How is this programme taught?

It’s taught through asynchronous self-paced online learning and mentoring from university students.

How much coding does the ABC5-Lab programme require?

The AI and blockchain modules don't require any coding experience. But we do offer coding modules in four languages: Julia, Corda, Hyperledger Fabric and Algorand.

Is it possible to preview the programme before purchase?

Yes, you can send your students to our ideation workshops that will be running from 4 Jan to 15 May.

What is the Medium of Instruction (MOI)?

English and Chinese.

What makes ABC5-Lab an exceptional extracurricular programme?

Many overseas universities will not only look for grades and certifications that are achieved during school scheduled activities, they will also focus on extracurricular learning activities. Here is why ABC5-Lab is so beneficial to the students, because we teach practical skills that have great potential to improve society.


Can ABC5-Lab run on my school computer?

Yes, ABC5-Lab is a virtual lab. All calculations and execution happen on the cloud. Like the other streaming services, it requires an internet connection to access the lab.

What are the computer requirements for ABC5-Lab?

ABC5-Lab does not require supercomputers to run, all you need is a computer with an internet connection.


What are the affiliated competitions?


The International Blockchain Olympiad (IBCOL) is an annual global competition inviting current and recent students to propose solutions for real-world problems with blockchain technology.

The International Data Science Olympiad (IDSOL) provides a world-class competition that highlights the challenges of applying data science to real-world applications and provides a forum for the cross-cultural exchange of ideas and sharing of experience among students, advisors, and overall between academia, industry, and government.

How much does it cost to participate in the competitions?

These competitions cost nothing to participate in. We want to make sure that anyone who’s interested can partake to exercise their skills and potentially produce new solutions.

What is the deadline for application for the competition?

The Team Registration Deadline is 28-02-2021


How do I apply for the funding from OGCIO?

We will help you with your application to make it as smooth and easy for you as possible. Contact us by email or WhatsApp for assistance.

What funding can I apply for?

The funding is called IT Innovation Lab in Secondary Schools (IT Innovation Lab). IT innovation lab FAQ – Contact us by email or WhatsApp for assistance.

When will the programme be open for application submission?

The programme is open for application from 1 December 2020. Contact us by email or WhatsApp for assistance.